Corporate Classes

Stress is an over-riding factor of illness and absenteeism in the workforce. A growing body of research indicates that yoga and meditation may serve to lower the stress associated with being confined to sitting at a desk for hours at a time. More and more companies are investing in the wellness of their employees in the belief that reducing stress in the workplace will translate into happier, healthier people and make for a stronger business. Having yoga and meditation classes as a means of connecting with your colleagues is a great way of creating a culture of wellness in the workplace encouraging an overall happier, healthier working experience.

Good for you

  • MIND Increase productivity and positivity.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Improve focus and concentration.

Corporate Membership and Packages

Introduction to Yoga Workshop

Not sure if yoga is suitable for your workplace?
The introduction to yoga workshop is a great place to start. Our one-off workshop is an ideal way to introduce yoga into the office and see what interest there is in taking up yoga before work, at lunch-time or after work. This workshop is suitable to beginners as well as people who already practice. We will break down the fundamental building blocks of a yoga class. Answer questions about how posture can be improved and provide workplace-based exercises specific to the requirements of your employees. Exploring the key movements, transitions and postures, students will be provided with insights and detailed information on how to move with the breath, listen to the body and create a strong and safe practice. Expect to learn the fundamental asanas, including a thorough breakdown of the sun salutations standing & floor poses. We will include elements specific to how yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve concentration and focus in the workplace.
Duration: 1/1.5 hours
Location: At your workplace or off-site at one of our studios.
How does it work?
We can tailor a program of classes to suit your working day. There are a number of styles available for regular classes at your workplace and a time and duration of class that will suit the needs of your business. Our one year workplace class contract includes all the benefits of our corporate membership
How many people can take class?
We have great rates that get even better the more people that want to practice! We are happy to pop out to
you to chat about what you need and let you know how many your space can hold comfortably.

  • Up to 10 people – per persons
  • Between 11-20 – per class*
  • Between 20-30 – per class*

*class: as per the time duration of the class.
What is the class duration?
Whatever time of day you would like to practice, we have class options that suit you.

  • 30 minutes (meditation practice)
  • 45 minutes (lunch-time option)
  • 1 hour (early morning/work option)

Workplace Retreats and Wellness
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Corporate on Site Classes

Short on time? Constant pressures at work? Sitting in front of the computer too long?

When you have stress like this you need yoga! But what if your exhausting schedule makes it tough to get to yoga classes as much as you would like? Why not offer the many benefits of yoga to your equally stressed-out colleagues?
​Blossom yoga will send a certified yoga teacher to your workplace. Our Corporate Yoga programs are specifically tailored to your organization. Our teachers will lead customized classes suited to the levels of your employees. For offsite classes, the company must provide a warm and open space that is suitable for the Yoga class: boardrooms, large offices and rooftop decks are all popular choices. Classes are offered in the morning, lunch hour or after work.
​Corporate Yoga classes are also available at blossom yoga studios.